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  2. cherishedsaulie said: youtube[.]com/watch?v=HgxZPTsarco around the 2:45 mark.


    omg cherish how r u such a perfect person like how do u always come to my rescue

    : y’know. I watched the entire “drama actor conversation” vid. I think hugh’s just being really really pretty there. The colouring on that gif set somehow made him look v. teary eyed.

    also can someone find out why he’s doing an interview with kevin bacon these are the real questions

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    what do you mean hannibal isn’t a TV show about hugh dancy looking amazing in different lighting 

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    All of this has to stop before it gets any worse

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    Shhh, Will, he’s making Star Trek happen

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    Rutger Hauer as a medieval knight in one of the best fantasy films ever made “Ladyhawke” (1985) directed by Richard Donner.

    One more interesting fact:

    Several different hawks were used. One to sit on Rutger Hauer’s arm and another for the flying scenes. A third proved to be mostly unusable, as it enjoyed Hauers company so much that it would ruffle it feathers when seated on his arm, making it look more like a chicken than a stately hawk.

    I wish I could watch this movie again and enjoy it, but the soundtrack has not aged well. 

    Maybe I could watch with the sound off and the subtitles on?

    I love this movie, I love the music, particularly the scene where the hawk is shot, and the cinematography of the light falling on the sword stabbed into the earth.

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    "What’s your dream for the future?’ (x)