1. holograhams:

    chilton’s actual evidence was “he makes puns” and “it rhymes” what a time to be alive

    People just don’t know, until they just do

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  5. Happy 1st of Hugh-Dancy-Carrying-Pumpkins

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  7. I’m not a groupie! I’ve never been one. I’m a working artist, a musician, a singer. I fell in love with a rock star, but that doesn’t make me a groupie. Fuck the people who dare say that!


    Marianne Faithfull in a recent interview with Luxemburger Wort (via faithfullforever)

    Thanks patriarchy, for shitting on nice things.

  8. morgan-leigh:

    goodbye friends

    it’s been real

    the only woman I’ll allow Steve to marry

  9. I thought you were more than just a shield. Let’s see.

    Why was there not 100% more of the French dude? Where the hell did he go? Why bring him in at all if he’s not gonna stay and flirt some more with Steve? Come on, Natasha, Sam and Bucky are not enough people flirting with Steve!

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