1. At the deepest level people are madder than they want to believe. You will find that they fear being eaten, and are alarmed by their desire to devour others.

    — Hanif Kureishi, Something to Tell You  (via thecryingame)

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the winter soldier.


    the winter soldier.

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    im so emotional over bucky barnes dont touch me

    fuck you what about the fact that he has a bionic arm with the capability to crush steve’s throat but instead he hits him because no matter how angry or confused bucky is, some part will always recognize steve and think “keep him alive keep him alive” fuck you fuck this i need a fucking drink

    can you not

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  5. the winter soldier’s bionic arm - recalibration

    #recalibrate inside me you piece of shIT#bucky barnes#metalarmthirst2k14

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gdi, Will, now is not the time



    gdi, Will, now is not the time


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    The Eighth Day. A collaborative exhibition by Colby Vincent Edwards, William Franevsky, and Jarrett Scherff

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  8. "he didn’t want to marry the princess, he only wanted to pet her dog" (via elucipher)

  9. Happy Hoechlin (◡‿◡✿)

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